Principal Message

YearbookI am excited and honored to join the Mesa School community as your school leader.  I know that Mesa is a special place.  It is a school that values educating the whole child, offering opportunities for them to grow artistically, academically, and athletically.  I know it is a school with tremendous parent support and a dedicated staff.

I love being principal and working with teachers, families, and especially students.  I have had many experiences in teaching and public school administration, most notably teaching both elementary and middle school and serving as a school principal.  Of all my assignments over the past 25 years, the most gratifying and enjoyable has been the principalship.  Working with students, teachers, staff, and families to make a thriving and effective school community is what gives me the most pleasure.  For the past decade, I have been the school leader of two schools—a very high performing school in Woodland Hills and a federal Title I school in Pacoima.

Elementary and junior high school is a time of social growth, curiosity, and wonder.  Our goal is for students to become college and career ready, critical thinkers, and have social-emotional competence, all in a safe environment that encourages them to be life long learners. I look forward to working together with the staff, teachers, parents, and children at Mesa Union School.  I am positive that we will have a great year and that it will be just the beginning of our growing and learning together!  Don’t hesitate to contact me anytime, my email address is



Dr. Stephen Bluestein