Superintendent/Principal Message

My name is Raul Ramirez and I have spent most of my life in Ventura County, having grown up in Oxnard and now living in Camarillo with my wife and two children. For most of my formative years growing up, my parents were farmworkers; their hard work and dedication left an indelible mark that I carry to this day. As an educational leader, my career has spanned elementary through high school, with my most recent role as Assistant Superintendent for Santa Barbara Unified School District. My leadership is largely grounded on a few core principles which I have done my best to abide by throughout my career. To begin with, I have an unwavering belief in the potential of all students and believe it is our responsibility as educators to aid them in turning that limitless potential into success.

It is important we understand success may look different for every child, but it is critical they receive the very best of us each day. Unfortunately, our kids do not benefit from having the same starting points in their lives. Therefore, I have made it my mission to bring an equity lens to my decision-making as a leader. Finally, it is only through our collective efforts as a community that we are at our best. My role as a leader is to ensure everyone in our community sees themselves as playing an essential role, where they feel their contributions lead to a greater good. This is possible only through respectful and collaborative relationships that foster trust and promote inclusion. Because these principles are so much a part of my leadership, I will make a commitment to lead by example and through my interactions with our learning community.

                            Dr. Raul Ramirez