Goal 2: Parent and Community Engagement

Through the renewing and development of partnerships with families, community businesses, county offices and higher learning institutions, the District has been able to offer additional learning opportunities to include the development of middle school electives, after-school programming, clubs, and athletic activities. In addition, as a result of working with newly developed partners, the District has implemented a recycling and composting program and constructed outdoor learning and maker spaces.

With tremendous support the District will allocate space for a parent resource room to support the growing volunteer program at Mesa Union School District. The District has also implemented new volunteer requirements to include finger printing and tuberculosis testing.

What are we doing well


Seeing tweets from teachers and what students are doing in classrooms.

Twitter Feed

Twitter Feed for school news

Family NIghts

Family nights and activities has made school a fun destination even outside of school hours.


Everyone always positive

Administration Support

Awesome to see Mesa administration support at school family events.

Teacher Growth

Having teachers who are excited to teach teachers and grow themselves


Mesa Matters

Areas we need to grow

Robo Call

More consitent robo call system


Training for school staff and students

Social Media

With social media very popular it would be great to see all teachers using twitter in their classrooms

Social Media

Post more after school activities on Facebook or school website. PFO posts a lot but when the STEAM event got rescheduled it would have been nice to post since just giving kids verbal instructions can be hard for working parents.

Teacher Communication

When it comes to seeking out parent support with anything school related, teacher communication to families inconsistent, some teachers are very good while you don't hear from others.


Get all teachers on twitter and engaged enough to promote school activities and encourage spirit