Goal 4: Hire and Retain Exemplary Employees

The District has demonstrated the ability to attract, recruit, and retain exemplary staff. With the support of bargaining units, the District has been able to add an additional professional development day and will be implementing an early release schedule each Wednesday to support professional growth and collaboration. The District’s comprehensive development plan has made significant progress in increasing job specific training opportunities for classified employees to enable them to support the students of Mesa Union. There are additional areas of need as captured in goal 4, which will shape the work for the 2017-2018 school year. These areas of need include:

  • Substitute teacher orientation and training,
  • Expand partnerships with professional learning organizations to ensure the District attracts exemplary employees
  • Develop relocation materials to potential candidates
What are we doing well


All the teachers my children have had are great. I have also found the office staff and school nurse very helpful and kind.

Areas we need to grow


Is there a counselor on staff? Could there be? With the bullying my daughter has been suffering from it would be nice to have a counselor on staff at least part-time to help both the victim and the bully. Yard duties and teachers seem to have their hands full.