Monarch Butterfly Project

California Native Plant/Monarch Butterfly Restoration Project

Mesa Union School District and the California Fish and Wildlife Service worked together to develop a Schoolyard Habitat and Outdoor Classroom that created critical habitat for Monarch Butterflies that have been recently added to the endangered species list.

The mission of the Schoolyard Habitat and Outdoor Classroom Program is to get students from across the country outside to experience nature. To accomplish this mission, the Program helps schools create natural spaces on school grounds where students will observe, draw, write, think and question.

A Schoolyard Habitat project restores native wildlife habitat, while an outdoor classroom area includes seating, tables and shade structures. Whether referred to as a Schoolyard Habitat or an outdoor classroom, all projects will benefit both wildlife and people and can range in size from a 1,000 square foot (sq ft) area to an acre or more. Regardless of the size and scope, all projects should be inspired and created by students and offer a place to learn outdoors.

Download more information about native plants being planted at Mesa School.

Monarch Butterfly