Full STEAM Ahead is an integrated science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) program that champions the development of personal traits and work habits in children that are essential to a productive lifestyle, as well as crucial for successful STEAM careers.
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Students learn how to code programs using Python. They learn how to drag and drop blocks from the coding toolkit to create programs in the Codesters' interactive coding environment. With project based lessons  concluding in a final project that students code themselves.



Visual Performing Arts

Mesa Union School District places a high value on the Visual and Performing Arts.  Few elementary school districts have been able to replicate Mesa’s vast opportunities to learn to play an instrument with Ms. Wong in her in-class choir. 



Student’s explore biology, geology, and physical properties of our world’s oceans while developing an appreciation for the vast amount of our Earth that has yet to be explored and how humans are benefiting from those explorations.

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Introduction to Spanish

In this class students are immersed in a supportive, communicative-based environment where they learn the fundamentals of speaking, reading, and writing the Spanish language. There are frequent games and interactive activities to help students acquire new vocabulary and to learn how to converse with others "en español."  Even students with the ability to speak Spanish fluently can benefit from the engaging lessons, as they will learn the unique rules of Spanish grammar and become proficient in writing words they already know how to say.


The GATE program is the educational program designed to address the learning styles of the students who have been identified as gifted and talented. The GATE program is based on the most current research in gifted education.